"Dire quasi la stessa cosa"

This is how the famous Italian novelist and semiotics professor Umberto Eco defines translation in his book “Experiences in translation”: “saying almost the same thing”. He maintains that you can’t just exchange words because there is no such thing as total equivalence – there is much more to translation than that. It is not enough to understand the source language including the terminology in all its nuances, you also need to have an excellent command of the target language to translate a text faithfully in a manner that is appropriate and true to the original style. This is why we only translate into our mother tongue. By the way, we are talking here about the written transfer of written texts into another language and not about the related discipline of (usually simultaneous) interpreting which you may have seen at international conferences or on TV. Finally, if you are translating a technical subject, it goes without saying that you need a good understanding of the field in question. That is why translators need to specialise.

With that said, I offer the following services from English, French or Spanish into German:

  • translation of general texts of various types
  • translation of technical texts (particularly railway and forging technology, electrical and mechanical engineering in general)
  • translation of texts from the field of music (particularly instrument making, music theory, jazz, orchestra)

Your texts are translated in such a way that they are fit for purpose, stylishly crafted and executed to a professional standard.